Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Only as strong as its weakest link

I have a humble ten foot by ten foot plot of a garden. I overplant every year, cramming in all sorts of vegetables in hopes of sustaining my family's veggie needs for the summer and fall. Every year, with every seed and seedling, I cherish the thrill of seeing something grow out of nothing. I feed off the magic of life blooming before my eyes. And more and more, I love to teach my son the same excitement and magic. I want this garden not just to feed our bellies but our souls. I want Cole to learn respect for the Earth and the reality of where good food comes from. I want him to love it as much as I love it.

And every year, one thing stands in the way and risks me losing it all! RABBIT!

This morning, I took my newborn, Amelia, out to the garden. Sometimes we just look over the progress of the peas as they climb higher and higher up the green meshwork. Sometimes, we wonder at the lettuce and spinach and think about salads and omelettes that will follow. Today, we were doing just this and taking in the beautiful sunny morning, when a movement suddenly caught my eye. And it was... you guessed it.... rabbit! He was INSIDE the garden. He was in the chicken wire fence. And as he scrambled to get out, and I fumbled with the lock on the gate, I realized that all these deeply rooted posts and the care in creating a sturdy gate are useless if there is a weaker spot in the fence somewhere. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link and as that frantic brown bunny threw himself against the chicken wire in terror and then finally ploughed over my pea plants, ripped through the green meshwork and then under the chicken wire on the other side, I saw the weakest spot in my chicken wire fence.

So today I shall go buy more tent pegs and I will once again declare war on this adorable pest!

-Miss Greenish Thumb

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