Monday, June 13, 2011

Porch plans

When we moved into our home two years ago, Ben and friends gutted the basement. We observed the bare concrete floor and walls for almost a year. Early on, we discovered that the cold storage under the concrete steps leaked water into the basement. They had to go. And we had to discuss what would replace them.

We are fortunate to live in an area with many houses identical to ours. It doesn't feel like cut outs or anything, since the area is about sixty years old. We can just gather ideas from other homes with similar looks. Ben and I drove around some neighbourhoods to check out front step options. We soon decided to opt for wood and we decided to go big - a wooden porch to span the whole front of the house. Our neighbourhood is lovely - friendly neighbours, hydro lines in backyards, huge trees that arch over the street. Front yards are lovely meeting places so why not extend our usable space with a huge front porch. It turned out even more huge than we imagined!

One variable that factored into the decision-making process was my dad. He has indulged in many outdoor projects over the years, including a few porches, decks and steps. Last summer, I sat down with him and he gave me a tutorial on porch parts and how to draw plans for a city permit. This past January, I began the drawings. I went through about ten versions. They had to be to-scale and oh so precise.

Ben brought them to the city. Apparently I didn't necessarily have to pore over them like I did. They told Ben they were just happy I used a ruler. They made corrections in red and stamped them. No turning back now!

Here are photos of the front view and side view. We also included a top view of the deck and a top view of the roof.

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