Monday, June 13, 2011

Veggie garden

Last summer I planted a veggie garden right before contractors dug up our foundation to do some major waterproofing and repair. What was I thinking? We moved in with Ben's parents. The waterproofing that was supposed to take two weeks, lasted ten weeks. When we moved back home, I had a couple tomatoes and some peppers. I was amazed that something grew, but it certainly wasn't the veggie experience I had been hoping for that summer.

This summer, after our first porch building weekend, I was determined to plant veggies. It was the weekend after the May 24 long weekend, so I was a bit late. I could have planted spinach and lettuce way earlier. I didn't have time so I just planted everything at the same time.

We had extra topsoil from landscaping our front lawn, which we wheel barrowed to various places in our back yard, including the veggie garden! Our veggie plot is about 10 feet by 10 feet. It isn't raised. When I dug it up, I simply put some extra bricks we had lying around down as a border to mark the space.

Planting the veggies literally only took about an hour. I didn't take much care in the whole venture. I just raked out the topsoil and roughly planned out how I wanted everything spaced. I bought tomato and sweet pepper seedlings from Canadian Tire. The rest were some heirloom seeds I saved from last year, and some seeds from Melissa and my friend Beth.
We also have a space behind our carport that looked inviting for veggies too. I planted some spaghetti squash seeds and some cucumber.

There's no chicken wire around it yet. We've spotted a rabbit or two in the backyard before, so I'm going to have to put some up. The other day, Ben looked out our back window and saw Frisbee (our great dane/lab mix) stretched out in the middle of the garden. The chicken wire will be for Frisbee too!

I'm not known for fancy graphics or neat handwriting.  After planting, I quickly sketched (on bright pink paper!) where everything was:

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