Thursday, July 28, 2011


I'm beginning to realize that Outside, At Home projects require patience.  More than home renos or interior decorating.  We are at the mercy of nature - organic, green, seasons.  The evolution of a yard takes on its own pace.  Since I tend to live in fast forward, this pace seems s-l-o-w.  But that's the beauty of backyard projects - they slow us down.  

I envisioned a veggie garden brimming with plump carrots and hardy beets, disfigured cucumbers and massive-leafed squash, crunchy lettuce and thick spinach.  Funny, none of these things have sprouted in my garden this year.  Oopsies.  However, the beans are growing well.  We plucked our first ones this past weekend. 

And, my tomatoes and peppers are coming along.  I know I can grow tomatoes and peppers.  
I have made a realistic goal/expectation: as long as I can successfully tackle one new veggie a year, I'll be happy.  I'll try my hand at a number of veggies, but I'll be satisfied with one a year.  And so, it's the year of BEANS!  Isaac's even learning how to wrestle them through his little teeth. 

- Mary Mary

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