Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My mixed feelings about rabbits

As a gardener, I'm fairly certain about two deep-rooted dislikes: rabbits and squirrels.  I would often joke about barbecuing squirrels should I ever get my hands on one and about making some Jamie-Oliver-style rabbit stew. 

Earlier this year, I was appalled to find a rabbit had gotten into my vegetable patch and I took measures to ensure this wouldn't happen again (securing the bottom of the chicken wire with tent pegs).  Later, I came across two teensy tiny bunnies living in the lettuce and under the tomatoes and although I know I'm supposed to hate these pests, I looked at these tiny, furry things with their big eyes and soft fur and thought they looked a bit like my baby Amelia would look like if she were a rabbit.  Mark said they probably don't eat a lot.  And they could fit through the chicken wire holes, so there wasn't much I could do about them living there.

Then, my neighbour said he saw one get chased down and gobbled by a cat.  And my other neighbour said one drowned in her pool.  And another was eaten by some big prey on her front lawn.  And despite myself, I felt a bit sad.

Then, last night, I was pulling out the sour over-ripe lettuce from my garden when I came across fur!  I leaped back in disgust, sure something had died in my vegetable patch, thinking back to whether I'd been washing my produce vigorously or not. I summoned my neighbour, Iain, to come and inspect.

He laughed at me when he saw the small dent in the soil and the fur.  He reminded me that if something had died there, we'd see maggots and a carcass, not just fur.  Nope, he said, this is where the bunnies were born.  This was a rabbit's nest.

Imagine that! My hate for rabbits and they had chosen my vegetable patch as the most suitable and safest place to give birth to more rabbits.

~Miss Greenish Lovely~

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