Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Porch Props

Daddy-o made us a porch swing!  Unbelievable, eh?  After all the porch building time he put in, he built us a swing to boot.  It's made of cedar and oh so perfect.  Here's Isaac, putting it to good use:

AND... Miss Greenish Loveliness gave me a gift card to Canadian Tire for my upcoming b-day.  Such a thoughtful gift since I'm so into curb appeal shopping on a no-budget these days.  I bought a new light for our entranceway... didn't take a before photo but the previous one was nasty.  And, I filled up two pots I already had with some annuals.  Hopefully they'll fill out a bit.  Just love that they're no longer sitting empty!
No big picture photos because they're better individually - still need to work on the front door look.

Mary Mary

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