Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cabins and Cows ctd...

During our Burlington visit last weekend, the Perons (Miss Greenish Thumb and family) brought us to Frootogo Orchards.  This farm is brilliant - it's all kid-oriented. 

First of all, it's free! 

Secondly, it has a massive play area... more like a play land.  Not only are there outdoor play structures, but hundreds of outdoor toys scattered over beds of hay.  Kids run wild.

Then there are the animals - rabbit pens, chickens, ducks, goats... Amelia spit her soother out into the goat pen and Mark had to pry it out while wearing Amelia in the bjorn.

They sell baking and fruit, but you can also pick your own.  The apple trees are "dwarf trees" so they're at kid-height, and they supply wagons for tired legs and heavy loads. 

We're going to try to go back in the fall to pick apples with Isaac and check out their corn maze.

And since I'm just discovering my love for kid-friendly farms, I'll have to find out if there is anything with comparable admission (free) in Ottawa.

Mary Mary

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