Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cabins and Cows

I've decided that two of my favourite places to bring children are cottages and farms.  In both places they can breathe in the fresh air, feel dirt in their toes, hold sticks in their chubby hands, brush against greenery, and chat with the animals. 

On a cottage note, we visited our Loftus and Graham (family) cottages in Bancroft a couple weekends ago.  When we returned home, I dug up an old poem (or stream of thinking type activity) that I wrote at our Loftus cottage when I was 18.  I wrote it on a lazy afternoon and tacked it up on the cottage wall beside our hand-dial phone.  My cousins followed the template and added their own beside it over the next couple of years.  A brainstorm of familiar cottage moments.

orange couch days

shooting stars from the dock.
stone steps. loose dirt. bare feet.
ant farms and big spoons.
pine trees. puzzle trees.
walks in the forest to the big rock -
           baby oaks and grandaddy pine.
grant's general store
          and penny candy
                 and the princess bride.
screaming in a game of pit
          drawing pictures for the wall
                 fishing on a little dock for little fish
                         swimming in sparkles at sunset.
Grandma and eggs and mini cereal boxes.
water skis. life jackets. day dreams.
bumble bees. hammocks. black flies.
screen doors. wet dogs. blueberries.
hot dogs. uncozy cots. outhouse trips.
blue heron. lily pads. purple lips.
flaming marshmallows. goose bumps.
water wars. canoe singing. novels.
bold island explorers. bottles of beer. banana boat.
heavy blankets... haunted loons...
spike the sunfish... faraway boats...
        and wet hair....
                 and an orange couch.

Mary Mary

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Anonymous said...

i love this post/poem. So many things that bring up so many nice memories and feelings! Thanks for sharing it!