Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Harvest Happy: Swiss Chard

Why do I love to grow Swiss Chard? Metaphorically speaking, it's like kissing Jack Black while dreaming about Johnny Depp.
In a perfect world, I wouldn't grow Swiss Chard because I find it difficult to know what recipes to cook it in.  Spinach is the one I'd rather be with.  Spinach is fantastic in hot meals and cold meals and it's versatile and healthy.  The trouble with growing spinach is that it sprouts forth from the earth and is tender and new, then its leaves are adult and still quite good, but before you have time to truly appreciate your little spinach patch, it's begun to sprout flowers.  Once this starts, you have to harvest, harvest, harvest or the spinach leaves become bitter.  I usually find I'm pushing bunches of spinach on friends who call on us for a visit and I'm leaving grocery bags of spinach hanging on the front door knobs of my neighbours' houses. Swiss Chard on the other hand, is great in the early days of summer and it stays great and edible and perfect into fall!  What other vegetable does this?!

It's nearing the end of September and I've still got a huge corner of Swiss Chard to eat.  Here is a recipe that I love to start my day with.

Swiss Chard Omelette

Swiss Chard greens - chopped

chives or green onions - chopped

2 eggs

feta cheese or swiss cheese or any kind you like


Heat pan and melt butter.  Toss in the swiss chard and chives and let them cook for a few minutes. Beat eggs and then add to pan.  Crumble cheese on top. Cook through and serve. Yum!

Here is a link on the Canadian Living website for Hot Swiss Chard and Artichoke dip:

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