Saturday, September 17, 2011

New Edinburgh Garage Sale

We made it out to the New Edinburgh Garage Sale!  I convinced Ben to join Isaac and I, which was quite an accomplishment since he had not been garage sale-ing in all his adult life.  I found the experience similar to the Great Glebe Garage Sale - it was a great way to check out a beautiful neighbourhood and the community feel was fun.  But in some ways it was better than the Glebe - New Edinburgh feels more accessible than the Glebe and it was more small scale so parking and traffic were easy-peasy and the crowd wasn't overwhelming.  Also, the weather was gorgeous, Fall crispy. 

We started out by admiring some fun house features in the area.  We liked the lattice on this porch and the way the posts were covered:
This house had a unique porch/balcony... it was triangular with a striking, artistic red aluminum panel.  Very cool.

We've noticed people using tall grass in gardens.  I think they're referred to as ornamental grasses.

 We liked this house number:
 Ben and Isaac were satisfactorily tired by the end of our stroll:
 Oh right, we did make some purchases.  I bought a blank canvas for my creative juices.  50 cents.
And we bought this mirror!  We paid $40.  We're not the best at bartering so I hope that was a reasonable price.  We actually overheard three women bartering with the guy and he wouldn't go lower than $40 so they left.  We decided to pay the $40.  We're going to hang it up here over our couch, but really, it would also look nice in the dining room, bedroom, or even the bathroom.  We'll play around with it. 
And that was our first New Edinburgh Garage Sale.

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