Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cooking Creativity

Last night the lovely Marianna dropped in early before life group.  Ben and I love it when she does this.  When I came downstairs from putting Isaac to bed, Marianna had made herself at home, as usual.  By combining leftovers from our dinner and adding selections from her own portable dinner, she had before her a lovely circle of tasty dishes: our leftover Ghanian beef stew, a bowl of brown rice, and a bowl of surprisingly bright pink puréed soup.  Marianna and I have definitely bonded over our large appetites. 

She excitedly told me she had tried out the soup recipe from Outside, At Home.  I peered into the pink bowl, confused.

"Borscht?" I asked.

"No, the one with the turnips."

After a pause, she added,  "…only without the turnips."

Hee hee.

She added again, "Oh, and I had some beets, so I added them too." 

That explained the bright pink colour.

And another detail, "… Oh, and I didn't use your spices, I used other spices… Japanese spices."  She's hilarious.  By then I was definitely giggling, but this was no different than usual - I giggle non-stop at with Marianna. 

She offered a taste and it was delicious.  Glad to hear we inspire such cooking creativity.  That's the way it's done.  

-Mary Mary

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Melissa said...

Marianna cooks like Mary! I seem to remember a conversation regarding whether, if you didn't have carrots and onions for the soup, you could add something like Swiss Chard instead. To which Ben and I responded in chorus NO!