Monday, September 26, 2011

Zoomin' Bloomin': Astilbe and Heuchera

Elaine is our primary perennial supplier.  She lives three doors down from us.  She and her husband, Nigel, were super encouraging as we embarked on our summer of curb appeal this year.  First, with our front porch then our grass planting and finally our perennial garden, which is an ongoing task.  Elaine has been changing her own perennial gardens quite a bit this year and has done a lot of propogating.  She always thinks of us when she has some perennials to spare.  On Saturday, she dropped off two astilbe plants (they'll be bright pink next summer) and a little heuchera (aka coral bells). 

astilbe (with some lovely sedum)

I actually forgot the names of the plants - I think because I couldn't picture the spelling in my head - so I took photos of them and had Jenny (my ma-in-law) identify them on Sunday afternoon.  Jenny knew them right away.  She started describing the varieties she had in her own garden and went to show them to me, excitedly.  Sadly, we discovered that her treeing walker coon hound, Rudy, had destroyed them.  Jenny knew he had trampled many of her perennials to death, however, she was sad to see these were all gone.  She said they're both shade plants and the heuchera needs lots of watering.  I'll have to pass some on to her when mine multiply enough to divide up.  How to design a Rudy-proof flower garden - that'll be Jenny's challenge for next summer.  Oh, Rudy.

heuchera (aka coral bells)
- Mary Mary

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