Monday, September 19, 2011

Zoomin' Bloomin' : Sedum Autumn Joy

We're introducing a second regular Outside, At Home feature: Zoomin' Bloomin' Mondays.  It's to highlight non-fruit bearing and non-vegetable greenery: perennials, annuals, trees, shrubs.  Again, ones we're particularly fond of in a moment for one reason or another.  Is it proper to say plants are non-fruit bearing?  You know what we mean. 

My first Zoomin' Bloom is Sedum Autumn Joy!!!  I only just discovered the Autumn Joy part (there are sedum varieties galore).

At this time of year, while most flowers are turning brown, drooping, getting holey, and withering away, Sedum Autumn Joy steps into the spotlight!  Fall is my favourite season and this plant is now a highlight of this time of year for me.  The first fall at our house, I loved seeing it transform from green to pale pink to deep maroon.  Once I discovered it, I noticed it all over Ottawa.  Why not?  It grows in partial shade or full sun, in a variety of soils (even clay, which I'm thankful for).  It can survive drought but also grows in moist areas.  Wowee.

Sedum Autumn Joy is easily propagate-able (divided and multiplied).  You just dig your shovel into the center of one, wherever you want it to divide, and dig out a chunk of roots.  We brought some to the front of our house in the middle of the summer, and they're thriving and blooming (unlike many of our perennials).  They don't miss a beat.  We have six plants on our property.  Let me know if you'd like a share...

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