Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Harvest Happy: Wild Apples

In Peterborough on Thanksgiving weekend, Kokum took the boys apple picking.  Now for most inhabitants of the Burlington area, this means going to a farm with dwarf apple trees planted neatly in rows, taking a wagon and sauntering up to the trees and plucking to your heart's content, then paying an arm and a leg for the whole experience.

But no, that is not what Kokum had in mind.  She had saved a few Ontario fruit baskets, one for each of the boys.

Then we walked along the path to the three trees she'd scouted out.  One was up on the crest of a hill, through tangles of other gnarly tree branches.  The boys had to ride on their fathers' shoulders.

Then, Kokum would yell, "Watch out!" and she'd shake the tree and it would rain down apples. We ate a few and were surprised at how sweet they were.

And when our baskets were full, before heading home, Kokum shook the tree once more for the deer.

-Miss Greenish Thumb

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