Thursday, October 13, 2011

Inspiration from Dad and Carmen (aka Grandpa and Kokum)

I think we can safely say that Dad is the inspiration for most, if not all, things Outside, At Home.  Dad grew beautiful vegetable gardens in all the towns we lived while growing up.  In Bancroft, when we were very young, Dad gave us little garden plots to tend our own carrots and beans to life.  He built porches, bird feeders, and flower gardens.  He landscaped and grew grass.  Tinkering, is what he calls it.

Today, Dad and Carmen have a home in the East end of Peterborough, with the Otonabee River flowing in front, and a bike path running along behind.  They both have glowing green thumbs.  We snapped some photos while visiting over Thanksgiving  

Dad`s friend gave him this ornamental grass when my grandmother died.  It`s amazing.

The garden shed Dad built.

View from the bike path, gate into the backyard.

Fall colours along the bike path.

On the deck, under the pergola.

Carmen`s blooms. 

Not the most flattering view of the raised veggie garden.

The other side of the gate, out to the bike path.

Again, gotta love Carmen`s blooms.  She uses Miracle Gro religiously.

The canoe and kayak rack Dad built, also sheltering a bike and lawn mower!

Isaac picks a carrot.

-Mary Mary

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katevp-a said...

wow! I think that I've only seen their place in the dark.

It is amazing!!

Very inspiring indeed :)