Thursday, October 6, 2011

Orleans Fruit Farm

My little team at work went to Orleans Fruit Farm this week for apple picking as our annual team building social event.  When we arrived, we found out there was no apple picking that day, so we just bought already picked apples, and we posed around the pumpkins and took each other's photos, then we all went home.  Boo.  A little disappointing.  However, the trip inspired me to start checking out farms in the Ottawa area. 

Here's my little rating guideline:
  • Location: I couldn't believe how close this farm is!  It's literally five minutes from Pat and Ali's place in Beacon Hill, or ten minutes from our house when the traffic's flowing smoothly.
  • Affordability: Admission is free!  And, apples are 50 cents a pound when you pick them.
  • Kid-friendly-ness: I couldn't tell, since we didn't get into the orchards, but I know they have hay rides, which kids would love.  At the same time, Frootogo in Burlington had an amazing play area and animals.  Neither of which I saw at Orleans Fruit Farm.
Consensus: Gotta keep on searching for that perfect Ottawa kid-friendly farm. 

Mary Mary

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Melissa said...

I know I know, you need to find the Frootogo equivalent in Ottawa.