Tuesday, October 18, 2011


P-diddy, P-dot, Peterpatch ... any way you refer to it, it's a pretty impressive place.  I know, Peterborough's not for everyone, but since moving away, I see it in a different light.  So many lovely coffee shops and pubs, bike paths everywhere, lovely houses... and what a farmer's market and zoo.  Yup, we hit up these two latter hot spots over Thanksgiving weekend.  I would highly recommend them to anyone passing through.

Firstly, the farmer's market was swarming with people on Saturday morning.  I bought some veg for our local Thanksgiving dinner and Dad bought some breads.  Of course, we ran into old friends.  That's another great thing about Peterborough.  You always come across a familiar face.

Can you tell we were having a blast?
Not a flattering pic of my dad... but look at that crowd.
Then onto the zoo.  Much calmer than the farmer's market.  It's no Toronto Metro Zoo, but so impressive for a small town.  Free, central, the perfect size for kids, and it has an amazing play area. 

Cole-y's sad - the otters didn't come out to play.

Spying on the camel.

These monkeys liked the monkeys.
-Mary Mary

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Melissa said...

I love the picture of Cole peeking through my legs. It looks so picturesque when all I remember of that trip to the Farmer's Market was chaos and mayhem.