Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Harvest Happy: Thanksgiving Dinner 2011

My stepmom, Carmen, hosted Thanksgiving this year.  And as I explained earlier, she had this idea for a VERY local thanksgiving indeed.  She made apple sauce from wild apples growing along the trail behind the house, she picked carrots and cilantro from her own yard.  And how many families get to eat both white and purple mashed potatoes for their dinners. The pork was exceptional and to go along with it, my dad whipped up a pear compote.

This is Isaac Jay giving thanks.

Look how delightfully rosy the apple sauce is! It was delicious.  Amelia, who vehemently resents every time I try to put something other than milk into her mouth DEVOURED Kokum's wild apple sauce.

As a family, we're excellent at many things, but communication isn't always one of them. Example: My brother and sister-in-law only found out of our inclination to have a local thanksgiving through the blog entry AFTER they'd purchased the pumpkin pie at Costco.  For the record, it was delish and Michelle googlemapped it and Costco is less than a mile from their condo.

Just showing how much chaos went into me making this little apple pie and although it was tasty, it was not my mom's pie!

- Miss Greenish Thumb

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