Tuesday, October 4, 2011

VERY Local Thanksgiving

A few years ago, my sister made the suggestion that we, as a family, have a local thanksgiving.  It made us all more aware of what produce is in season in our area and where our food comes from.

This year, my stepmom did us one better.  She's suggesting a VERY local thanksgiving.  To accompany her organic pork tenderloin, she's picked apples from a wild tree in her neighbourhood and is making her own apple sauce.  And she's using the carrots and potatoes from her own garden for the roasted veggies. It's not a hundred mile diet, it's like a one mile diet!

To accompany, Mary is going to make us a salad using her organic food box produce and my brother and I will do our best to produce pies with local fruits.  I'm going to make apple and I'm not sure what Jay and Michelle will whip up, but I'm sure it'll be tasty. 

I'll report back on the success of our celebration next week.

-Miss Greenish Thumb

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