Monday, October 3, 2011

Zoomin' Bloomin': Chrysanthemums

I learned a little lesson in mums this fall.  Home Depot had them on sale for something like $4.99.  They hadn't bloomed yet but they looked lovely in the photo on the tag so I bought two pots.  Well, this is what they look like today:
Ben bought me three pots of fully bloomed mums more than a month ago and this is what they look like today:
Big difference.  I think I'll stick with buying the fully bloomed ones from now on.  And, they've lasted a good long time.  Ben's impressed... he comments on their perseverance every time we walk by them on our front steps.

Chrysanthemums are also known as "hardy mums".  I need all the hardy flowers I can get.  I'm going to plant these three pots in my flower gardens in a couple of weeks (once they start wilting) and see what happens next year!

Mary Mary

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Melissa said...

Mine died and looked like that - I blame it on the lack of rain this summer. BUT, if you prune off the dead heads and water religiously, they will bloom again and again all summer.