Monday, October 10, 2011

Zoomin' Bloomin': Morning Glories

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a beautiful, sunny Loftus Thanksgiving weekend in Peterborough.  More details to come throughout the next week or two.
But first, I couldn't believe Dad and Carmen's wall of morning glories!  Although the leaves were starting to fade, there were still some blooms in the morningtime.  See how thick they are?

I love morning glories.  They remind me of my grandmother.  When I was about ten years old, I gave my grandma morning glory seeds.  As she did with all things from her grandchildren, she loved them extravagantly, planted them with care, and mailed me photos to thank me and and to show me the fruit of my gift to her.    
This view is from the inside of the deck
Dad and Carmen planted the seeds along one side of their pergola in the backyard, not too long ago, maybe in July.  They joined the railing with the top of the pergola with a couple strung up wires for the vines to follow along.  Morning glories are annuals - I think Dad and Carmen will plant them again next year, judging by their success. 
This is the outside view, looking up.
Now that I've seen how lovely they are, I plan to plant seeds next year too, along the far end of our front porch.  I might start some seedlings indoors early in the year, just to guarantee a headstart for them. 

-Mary Mary

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