Monday, October 24, 2011

Zoomin' Bloomin': Serviceberry (Updated)

I've added our zoomin' bloomin' photos....

I've mentioned Nigel and Elaine before.  They're our personal perennial providers, just a few doors down.  Our tree is by far their Roebuck donation that deserves the biggest mention…  Yes indeed, Elaine and Nigel had a tree in their front garden that was right up against their house.  They decided to replace it and checked in with us first to see if we wanted it.  Of course we said yes!  The weekend they dug it up, we were away, so they put it in the wheel barrow in our carport.  Edem was surprised to find a tree outside her entrance into the house that day.  They hadn't been able to dig very much of the root system out and by the time we got home, the roots were very dry.  I wasn't very hopeful that it would grow.

We've had it in the ground for about two months now, and its branches have grown a few inches, I'm surprised to say.  It appears to be thriving.

Elaine couldn't remember what it was called but described it as beautiful in every season - white flowers in the spring, berries throughout the summer, and it turns a brilliant orange in the fall.  I looked it up on the Better Homes and Gardens Plant Encyclopedia and the serviceberry (aka amelanchier) meets that description, so I'm thinking that's what it is! 

-Mary Mary

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Rachaël & Étienne said...

It's beautiful! So many colours :)