Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fall Yard Tinkering

Check, check, check.
This weekend, we got through a good part of our fall yard work checklist.  Does it look similar to yours?  Has your yard work been done since Thanksgiving?  Last year it didn't happen so I'm feeling like a proud homeowner, with a nicely kept lawn.  Here's what's done and done:   
  • Put away sandbox, water table, barbeque, hoses, and odds and ends in the yard; 
  • Transplanted our potted mums to corners of the veggie garden; 
  • Cleaned up and trimmed down our perennial gardens, getting rid of dead leaves so that only little stem stumps are sticking out of the ground;
  • Trimmed down our raspberry bushes;
  • Raked leaves;
  • Tackled that big ol' pile of lilac branches (thanks for the help Marianna).
Raking, trimming, bagging, binding...

On Saturday evening I felt great - a little sore, lungs full of fresh air.  I mentioned to Ben how blissful I was feeling, getting all that yard stuff done.  He sighed and said, "My wife was made for manual labour."  Why yes, perhaps I was.
Here's our front curb on garbage day!

-Mary Mary

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