Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Harvest Happy: Basil

Basil came in our Ottawa Organics delivery last Friday. Thom and Kate were over and saw me throw a couple leaves into our garden salad. The basil gave a shocking bite every once in a while - not great.

Thom and Kate said, "Why don't you make pesto? It's just basil, olive oil, pine nuts, and parmesan cheese."

So that's what I did. The portions are fairly flexible. It's about two cups of basil and roughly half a cup of everything else.  You sometimes have to adjust the oil to your liking. I also added two cloves of garlic. I used the hand blender to puree it all and mixed in pasta and chicken. Isaac loved it (he loves all things with pasta).

Mary Mary


Melissa said...

And I've seen friends of ours freeze pesto in a mason jar and they can chip out a tablespoon here and there when they need it.

Kunky said...

Sounds yummy... I'm going to try it!

Ben and Maryann said...

Thanks for the comment Julie! Super yummy for sure. Glad to get to peak at your blog now (and to discover how to spell Peyton!).

Melissy, that's what Kate and Thom suggested - to freeze the pesto, initially in ice cube trays.