Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Come on Inside

I wanted Zoomin' Bloomin' and Harvest Happy to carry on, as inspiring as ever, throughout the cold winter months.  I wanted to revel in root vegetables, to fall in love with conifers.  I hoped to feel the movements of soil under the thick layer of snow, to smell life murmurings underneath it all… 
The truth is, I can only blog about pumpkins so many times (four to be exact).  I remember when I read The 100 Mile Diet and Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, both testified that when people asked them how the winter months were, they were taken aback - those months were just as exciting, just as filling and satisfying, as the summer months.  Perhaps that's what we'll find, we'll just keep finding harvest happiness throughout the winter... but I don't want it to be forced so I'm looking forward to a few indoor projects to carry me through these months. 

I love going for walks in the early winter evenings.  Snow crunching under my boots, sky dark but warm lights all around, especially inside homes, lighting up the inside.  I like glancing in windows, seeing people unaware they're on display (creepy?), wondering what they're up to, checking out their Christmas trees and decorations. 

We're going to start a new feature - as if you were walking by, wondering what was going on, perhaps you venture up onto our porches and press your face right up against a window.  Take a good long glance, or better yet, come on inside!

Here is a preview of a project or two I'm working on - just a teaser, really....

Mary Mary


katevp-a said...

Woo-ooooh! What is it? Let's have a craft night soon!

Melissa said...

I remember in Barbara Kingsolver saying, in Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, "What do you we eatin the winter? Everything?" Winter was a time to reap all the of what was sown during the summer. To dig into those cellars and the stashes of canned beauties. To empty out the freezer and to finally rest from all the planting, weeding and harvesting of the spring, summer and fall. So winter can certainly be about indoors. We live in Canada, after all!
~Miss Greenish Thumb~