Monday, December 5, 2011

Zoomin' Bloomin': Fraser Fir

Ben bought a tree at the Parkdale Market.  A beautiful seven foot tall fraser fir tree.  The perfect Christmas tree – symmetrical, full, a little bluish, a little greyish.  It was pricey (60 buckeroos), but this is the first Christmas tree of our marriage.  It took six tree-less Christmases to get to this one.  We went big.  I asked Ben to find out where the tree came from, to make sure it hadn’t travelled miles unnecessarily.  The guy Ben bought the tree from couldn’t tell him its origins!  He said somewhere in Ontario or Quebec.  Tree guy, you let us down. 

Friends and neighbours came by.

We ate home made pizza, tied ribbons on Christmas balls, and carefully placed plastic ones low and fragile ones high. 

Isaac may have been so excited by the evening that he tackled Isla.  This wasn't his first time.

When the tree was full up, we turned the tree lights on, turned the house lights low, and watched Mixed Nuts.  Welcome Christmas Season.
Mary Mary

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Melissa said...

That sounds like about the most perfect way to welcome the Christmas season.