Thursday, January 5, 2012

From Seed to Table

It's been a chilly week here in Ottawa (-29 with the wind chill).  I've bundled up under blankets as our household recovers from the stomach flu.
I've been flipping through a book Miss Greenish Thumb gave me a few years back, called From Seed to Table, by Janette Haase.  It's a Canadian vegetable gardening book that I return to again and again.  It includes different guidelines depending on your location within Canada.  It's also divided into the months of the year, so you can follow along to see how to develop your garden each month. And surprisingly, the winter months are not blank pages or skipped over, but include gardening activity!
Janette's plan for the winter months can be summarized with these quotes:

"For those who garden, January does not mark the dead of winter but rather the beginning of another year of possibility.  It is a time to do some reading, to decide what projects are on the agenda for the spring, and to order your seed catalogues." 

"February is a time to decide on a garden plan and to order seeds."

"For some parts of Canada, March is warm enough to get out in the garden, but for most of us the landscape is still predominantly white and the days are too cold for outside work.  We can, however, get out our seeds and get a jump on spring by making some early transplants."

I'm looking to experience January to March with Janette's book on my bedsidetable.  In fact, I've already ordered a seed catalogue from the Ontario Seed Company!  Winter months, here we come.

Mary Mary

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