Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bridging the Soil Knowledge Gap Part 3

Vermicomposting is something I think of as a bit eccentric. However, for a short time, we had a handful of vermicomposts in our school in an attempt to reduce the organic waste being thrown into classroom trash bins.
Vermicomposts are usually plastic containers with aerated lids that are kept inside at room temperature. Red Wrigglers are the worms we used. They are special worms that are happy to be kept in the warmth of room temperature and it is estimated they eat their own weight in table scraps per day. So, in theory, a pound of these worms should eat a pound of apple cores and stuff per day. In my experience, it's not quite this simple.


And although we layered the stuff with shredded paper, the vermicomposts did attract fruit flies. They required a bit more attention than we were able to give them in the classroom and over the summer no one was keen to take them home. So my stand on vermicomposting is that it is a great idea if you're willing to give the space and the time for it and you don't mind a few fruit flies.

I'll finish this series off tomorrow with what kind of compost to buy if you don't have any handy in your yard. 

- Miss Greenish Thumb

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