Thursday, February 9, 2012

Changing Veg Sources

I have something to disclose. Something I'm hesitant to mention. But first, I'll say that I have loved Ottawa Organics. I've explained why here. So many surprise veggies, developing an awareness of what's in season... 

And now, for honesty's sake, I'll tell you ....we cancelled our weekly Ottawa Organics order.

I'll be open about the reason too: it was the cost. It's a bit steep for us at $35 a week. 

And it might just be a temporary thing, but I dare say that since we've cancelled the order, I've enjoyed the change.

What's different now? 
  • I've found myself cooking more from recipes again. I've decided to choose a soup and main dish each week to whip up. Very fun. 
  • As a result, I've been flipping through cookbooks more. Also one of my favourite pasttimes ever. 
  • I've been dreaming about how Miss Greenish Thumb gets almost all her family's veg from her garden throughout the summer months and into the fall. Is that possible for me as well? I think, as my Ma would say, "Probably maybe."   
  • I've been looking forward to farms and farmer's markets and fruit stands. All these things I may not be as keen to scope out when a weekly Ottawa Organics veg box is delivered to our door. 
-Mary Mary
P.S.  Yes, Miss Greenish Thumb.  While you, over there in Burlington, can dig around in the dirt and expand your garden, we, over here in Ottawa, are covered in thick icy snow.  Phooey. 

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Melissa said...

Even if your lawn is covered in snow, you might start dreaming of starting seedlings.