Saturday, February 18, 2012

Garden Plan

To keep it real, here's my garden planning at its best.  I thought perhaps I would make an electronic version of my garden plan, using the drawing tools in Microsoft Word for symmetry and beauty purposes.  Then I reverted to pen and paper and thought perhaps I'd use a ruler.  But no-sirree.  It's gardening, right?  Organic, messy, rough... I made a couple sketches on an old card and called it a plan.
Here's a sketch of our property and my various planting expectations:

In terms of veg, there's my main back corner veg garden.  Here's the layout for the veg garden, equally as rough:

As well, I'd like to try out some squash and zucchini in the side garden behind our carport. I have some perennials planted here already.

Then there's the back perennial flower garden by the patio and our lilacs on either side of the backyard.

In the berry realm, we have our loyal raspberry bushes along the back fence.  As well, I would like to plant a few strawberry plants somewhere.  I loved visiting Miss Greenish Thumb last year and seeing Cole's excitement when they discovered the first ripe strawberries in their yard.  These will either go in a flower garden by the shed or in the side garden by our patio. 

I've spoken with a couple yardless friends about giving them a wee area of dirt so they can realize a couple of their veggie dreams.  I'm not sure if they were serious.  Were you serious, ladies?  I think I would have a bit of room in our veg garden or in the side garden.  We'll see.  I like the idea of giving the gift of dirt to those in less soil-surrounded circumstances.

On to the front yard - we have perennials that I started out in front of the porch last year. I'll do some rearranging of these and bring some over along the walkway (which is a mudtrail right now). I'll add some more herbs as well as cedar and euonymous (the yellow kind).

Which herbs, you ask?  We already have some oregano and thyme that I bought last year at Ben's parents' neighbourhood garage sale.  I would also like to plant cilantro, thai basil, basil, parsley, mint and rosemary.  Rosemary and mint are perennials.  I think I'll have to contain the mint somehow.  It can get away on you, I hear.

I didn't put this in the plan, but I will also be transplanting morning glories and putting them along the end of our porch. 

Now to order my seeds!

-Mary Mary


Marianna said...

Yes! I was serious about it! I even told people that I would have a little garden of my own!

Ben and Maryann said...

Done Marianna. Done and done.