Thursday, February 9, 2012

Gardening in the Winter

As a backyard gardener, is there more to do in February than collect seeds and dream of the sunny days of spring?

Well, today was a beautiful balmy February the sixth and the mercury hit 6 Celsius and I did some gardening!

I threw some mud-proof gear on the kids. Then Cole and I dug through the garage for his front loader and his bulldozer and then he played happily in his sandbox - the sand had thawed and was very workable. Amelia puttered around on the wet lawn and tried to eat everything she could get her hands on.

I had read somewhere that expanding your garden is a task you should take on in stages, on warm days throughout the winter. And today was the perfect day to start.  The ground wasn't even a little bit frozen. It was wet and very easy to get a shovel into so I dug out at least two feet, turning the sod upside down and chopping it up with my spade.

The idea of doing this in the winter is:
a) the ground may be nice and moist
b) the freezing and thawing that can be expected over the next few months should help to break up the big chunks of dirt

Of course, if you live in Ottawa instead of Burlington, you may need to wait another month or so before you can find the ground under all the white fluffy stuff.

Miss Greenish Thumb

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