Friday, February 10, 2012

Leek Seeds

 This is my seed bin. I keep it in the garage, so it has to have a nice tight lid so mice can't get into it.

Yesterday, I was reading No Guff Vegetable Gardening and I realized that if I'm going to plant leeks (and I did order seeds so I guess I ought to) then they need to be started 10 weeks before the frost-free date.

This website provides average frost-free dates for cities in Canada.
I was not surprised to see that Burlington's average frost free date is long before the Victoria Day weekend.  May 5th to be exact.

So I decided to start my leek seeds.

I have been collecting Tim Hortons paper cups to grow my seedlings in, but I decided that I will transplant them to these cups when they're a bit bigger.  For now, I made some newspaper cups using another part of the No Guff website.

 I cut (or folded) newspaper into strips about 8 inches wide.

 Then I folded the strips into 4 inch strips.
 Then, using a toilet paper roll, I rolled up the cups to a depth of about 2 inches.
 And I folded the remaining newspaper into the toilet paper roll to form the bottom of the pot.

 I placed these little pots into an old tray I had from a few years ago.
I carefully filled each pot with potting soil and two leek seeds and then covered them up with more soil and watered them.

To create a greenhouse effect (I'd thrown away the lid for the tray) I used a piece of clear plastic from a case of beer and also the plastic sleeve from a bag of diapers. I covered the tray and set it on Amelia's dresser with a lamp on it during the day.

My husband commented that maybe I was jumping the gun a bit.  And I was very upset by his comment.  Upon further reflection, I realized that I was so edgy because I have never, ever successfully grown seedlings from seeds.  This has never stopped me from trying, but it has made me a bit defensive, I guess.

As with every spring season full of hope and renewed resolve, I am trying my hand at bringing seedlings forth into the world once more.

~Miss Greenish Thumb~