Monday, February 20, 2012

Property "Issues"

Almost everything written in policy analyst land identifies an issue.  That's usually the first question you're asked, "What's the issue?" or "What's the problem you're trying to address?"  If it's not identified, your proposal will lack clarity and direction.

Anyway, following up from my garden planning, I identified some issues that may be key to my gardening success (or failure) this year.

Issue #1: I have a knowledge gap in the area of soil quality.  This has led to dry, nutrient poor soil yielding less than thriving vegetables. 

Issue #2: The front porch does not have an eavestrough, hence, high quantities of water collect in the front perennial flower garden and waterlog the little guys in there. 

Issue #3: The backyard needs to be fenced in beside the house on both sides, however, I would like to plant vegetables in the side back garden.  Pressure-treated wood and edible plants don't mix.

Issue #4: Raspberry plants multiply like rabbits.

And there you have my current issues.  Hopefully by looking into these before planting season, I'll avoid a couple hair pullers.

- Mary Mary

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