Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Zoomin' Bloomin': Tulips

There's something about a vase of tulips on a snowy, winter day.  Thanks for these, A-Tan.  You always remind me to let in the sunshine and light up the room with flowers and thoughtful arrangements. 

It just happens to be the last day of February!  Let me see what my February Seed to Table gardening plans were:
  • Decide on a garden plan - check
  • Order seeds - check!  I just finished filling out my seed order form today.  Snuck 'er in on the last day of February.
March brings a head start on transplants.  But Miss Greenish Thumb has already had a head start on that head start. 

Thanks as well to Miss Greenish Thumb for all the soil and composting info.  I am empowered to find some healthy compost to spread on my garden bed.  I'm also inspired to compost our own household greens more diligently, even though it's too late for this summer's garden.

-Mary Mary

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