Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Q & A: Seedling Conditions

Yesterday afternoon, I was asked if my seeds had arrived yet.  Um, oopsies.  I have a confession to make.  I haven't actually mailed the envelope yet.  Form filled out, yes.  Cheque written, yuppers.  Envelope filled and stamped, indeed.  Just not dropped in the mail box yet.  My apologies.

Also, the same person (I won't say who!) told me her seeds were planted for transplanting and she said, "They're supposed to be in the dark, right?"

My response:  "Um... hmmm... er... I know they're supposed to be covered... I'm not sure about in the dark... my sister would know..."  I felt like I had been discovered, like I was a phony.  Really, I just ride on Miss Greenish Thumb's wings.  We're all in this together.  Just learning, just beginning this gardening life.  I'm all about transparency. 

I did indeed ask Miss Greenish Thumb and this is what she told me, just to clarify and follow up on her leek seedling post.  

She said:

"... temperature is more important than light when your seeds are germinating. So they must be warm. Like near a heater or something.  And humid (covered). But as soon as they sprout through (germinate) then no humidity and lots of light conditions."

So, wherever your seeds are in their little pots, keep them warm and covered.  Then when you see a sprout, bring them into the light, continue to keep them warm, and uncover them! 
I find this whole seedling/transplanting thing really tricky, so if anyone else has any tips, please share them here!
Mary Mary

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