Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Gatineau Park Hot Spots

Gatineau Park... some Ottawites spend every weekend there.  Others make it out a few times a year.  I am a of the latter group so when I get even a mild taste of Gatineau Park, I beam for days!  Ask Ben.  He witnesses the glow. 

Last weekend I hiked around Lac Philippe for a couple of hours - I crashed Carla, Annie and Robyn's Gatineau Getaway..  Gatineau Park has ski trails and hiking trails throughout the winter.  You get a map... or you just do whatever Annie decides and follow Carla's bootsteps. 

At this point in the season, the snow was so packed down we didn't need snowshoes.  I can't imagine what I would have been like with snowshoes.  Awkward, to say the least.  The trail was much more up and down than I thought it would be.  It felt so good!  I loved every minute of it.  I kept saying, "Thanks so much for including me.  Thanks so much for this time.  Thank you thank you thank you!"

In the summer, we head to one of the Lac Philippe beaches with the Roebucks.  Kate and I have gone canoeing with friends a few times there too.  One memorable time was for Kate's bachelorette... Catherine Lisimaque even gave Edem a swimming lesson on that excursion.

Here are some other hotspots in the Gatineau Park Area - popular among our friends, places we bring our UK tourist friends to:

Wakefield!  Lovely eateries, fair trade and earthy shops, and Canada Day and crafting events.  Café Molo is a must-see on our Wakefield visits; however, Carla recently found out that they've stopped serving paninis!  What?!  They were so good!  This gives a good excuse to explore other Wakefield food places.  Maybe we'll try out the Indian food next time we're there.

This is a colouring book cover that captures the view when you drive into town.  It's from wakefieldcentre.ca
Chelsea Pub!  Cez and I stopped here when we explored Gatineau Park during her visit.  Ottawa friends hang out here too.  Makes you feel smalltown.   

Auberge Old Chelsea B&B.  This is where Carla, Annie and Robyn stayed.  I think Beth and Pat have been known to retreat here too.


Le Nordik Spa.  I've never been.  Femmy, Ola and Bola go monthly.  I might try it out on my birthday this year.

 And there you have it.  One reason I love living in Ottawa: Gatineau Park down the road.

Where are your Gatineau Park hot spots?

- Mary Mary

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Anonymous said...

yey, yey, yey. I love to live in Ottawa and play in Quebec :) One of my favourite reasons to live here. yes, I love Chelsea, the pub, the spa, the park, and B&B. Plus, in the nice weather there is a place that makes their own ice cream! Amazing and a must try after a walk in the park, or just because. Nice post M-M, so many happy thoughts flooding in:)

xo B