Monday, March 19, 2012


I recently connected with an old Peterborough/Trent housemate, “Lynnie”, over facebook.  She commented on this blog and I asked for a link to anything going on in her life. 


(Lynn's facebook photo)
Lynn is beginning the first season of her one-acre market farm!  When she sent me the link, I recalled the year we shared a house - I remember how she lived minimally, how she loved her plants, the excitement of her job at a local gardening co-operative...  In the ten years that have passed since then I think she's worked hard to get the right skills and now she's launching out, building her dream life from the ground up.  I also think it’s a lot of hard hard work. 
Some LynnFarms highlights:
  • She lives on an island... the Gulf Island of Gabriola, British Columbia.  Sounds romantic, doesn't it?  I found a nice description of Gabriola Island here
  • She’s running a CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) program.  Miss Greenish Thumb and I have both had a few CSA experiences.  In fact, right now Miss Greenish Thumb is receiving a weekly Plan B Organics food box. 
  • She grows and sells plant starts without using trays/containers of any kind - just soil! 
  • She grows komatsuna and ground cherries... among many other crops.
  • She blogs

Check her out. Although located way over there on the West Coast, I will be keeping my eyes on her ... for inspiration ... and just to send yay Lynn vibes her way.

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