Thursday, March 29, 2012

Return of Regular Zoomin' Blooms and Harvest Happy's

We have an announcement!

Miss Greenish Thumb and I are going to start up our Zoomin' Bloomin' Mondays and Harvest Happy Wednesdays regularly again ... starting next week! Since buds are appearing and sowing has begun, we have a lot to share... and perhaps you do too.

We're going to add LinkyTools to our posts so you can create your own Zoomin' Bloomin' and Harvest Happy posts then link in to Outside, At Home. It's easy and you don't even need a blog - you can create a note in facebook and link in.

Here's what Mondays and Wednesdays will bring us:

Zoomin' Bloomin' highlights a plant, tree or shrub (non-edible) that stands out for us at the time we post, for some reason. Could be we've planted something new, we see new buds appearing on a tree, or a plant blooms; we see something beautiful in a neighbour's yard; we go for a walk in the woods and something catches our eye, or a friend gives us a living plant gift. The post could be just a photo, or some new info we've gathered or a new technique that's special to that plant. See examples here and here.

Harvest Happy highlights an edible plant that we're excited about... veg, fruit, herbs. This feature is a fun way to share what's in season and our veg gardening journeys. Posts include our own garden sowing and reaping, fun finds at local farmers' markets, food boxes or CSAs, a food gift a neighbour drops off on our doorstep... and so on. Of course, we also like to talk about the eating that follows... how we cook it, recipes we like, how it tastes. See examples here and here. Yum, I'm hungry.

So keep your eyes open and start thinking about how you might want to link into the planting, eating, and inspiration through our little Outside, At Home community.

We'll give you more instructions on how to link up on Monday!

Mary Mary

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