Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Seedlings - ever-evolving journey

 My version of guerrilla gardening - sneaking herb seeds into the spider plant that sits on our kitchen counter.

My leek seedlings have been moved to a sunnier location - near the window sill in the dining room (perched atop the kids' play kitchen). I see them more often in this location, so I can more closely monitor their water needs. They wilt down like they're dying (and my fear of dampening-off grips me) but then as they dry out, they perk up.  So I am probably over-watering them, but I can't seem to stop.  When the soil seems dry and crumbly and the seedling is standing tall, that's when I am compelled to water them some more. All this to say that I haven't decided if my venture into the world of seedlings has been a success or a failure. I can't tell if these little guys are happy or dying. I guess that's why I'm just Green-ISH.

~Miss Greenish Thumb~

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