Thursday, April 5, 2012

April-May Planting Goals!

March was the month for transplants, according to my "Seed to Table" schedule.  Miss Greenish Thumb more than made up for my lack in this area.  She has leeks, broccoli and tomatoes growing in her Tim Horton's cups over there in the Burl. 

My March progress for the garden?  I planted cilantro and received my seeds in the mail.  Every little bit counts, right?

Also, Marianna came over on Saturday and we planned out her little plot.  She rents a house with a few girls downtown without any green space to plant in so she's going to grow some veg on our property. 

I'm going to continue with Janette Haase's Seed to Table monthly tips and guidance.  Can you tell I'm a systematic person?

Here's spring in a nutshell:
  • In April I'm going to get some compost, dig up a flower bed in the back to turn into a veg space (i.e., transfer flowers and dig up lilac roots), and start my planting.  Janette Haase says: "April is a month for energy and enthusiasm.  The weather is perfect for working outside and many people do not realize that a great deal of planting and growing can happen in April.  Lettuce, spinach, green onions, green garlic, salad greens, radishes, and peas prefer the cooler temperatures and they will all tolerate frost and even a late snowfall."
  • In May I'm going to finish planting.  Janette says, "May is a busy month in the garden."  She even says that in May you'll be doing your second plantings of spinach, lettuce, green onions, and salad greens.  Wow.  I'm not sure I'll make that much progress but Miss Greenish Thumb might!  All planting done by the end of May - that's the goal!
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