Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Harvest Happy: Cilantro

I've decided I'm going to stick with buying my seedlings this spring.  Those plants that Miss Greenish Thumb is planting indoors already, like tomatoes, I'm going to buy from Canadian Tire.  I'm trying not to be ashamed.  I might try to grow my own little cucumber seedlings or maybe squash but that'll be it for me.  The rest I'll plant as seeds, like peas, beans, carrots, and swiss chard, as Miss GT recommended.
I did, however, plant cilantro in a pot this weekend.  Isaac and Marianna helped out. 

I love cilantro.  My friend Sylvie is part of this "I hate cilantro" club on the internet... but I'm quite the opposite.  I could eat it in all salads if I could, over all tomato-y soups and sauces, mixed in with any avocado dish.  That's why I'm looking forward to moving this cilantro into the yard once it's warm out.

Cilantro doesn't like direct sun so I'll find a shadier place for my plantlings.  Also, I'll need to prune the cilantro often so it doesn't go to seed too quickly.  That means lots to eat!

And here rests my cilantro at the moment.  In the sunniest spot in the house (until shoots appear), beside our patio doors, sitting on Isaac's unused high chair, covered in plastic wrap.  Grow cilantro grow!

- Mary Mary

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