Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How to.... Start a Garden (Part 2: Pests)

Before you start putting those delightful little dried peas into your garden, you need a pest-plan. I didn't have one one year and I lost most of my plants to rodents. Squirrels love to dig up peas before they even break the surface of the soil.  Rabbits will eat the pea sprouts and one year they methodically ate all the leaves off my green bean plants in less than 24 hours. Raccoons waited until my corn plants were tall and just a few days from harvest and they knocked down the stalks, and tore the cobs from their husks and ate them all.

I've tried cursing at the rodents. I've tried pleading with the skies.  My husband has chased rabbits from our yard on a number of occasions. However, the only way I know how to keep these pests out of a garden is to put up a fence. We hammered in stakes at the periphery of our garden and attached chicken wire fencing to them using a staple-gun. Then I used tent-pegs to anchor the bottom of the chicken wire.  I admit the tent-peg anchoring system could be improved upon because last year I found a rabbit nest in my lettuce.

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~Miss Greenish Thumb~

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