Monday, April 30, 2012

Zoomin' Bloomin': Tulips

Tulips are just beginning to bloom here in Ottawa; it's perfect timing for the Canadian Tulip Festival, which starts this Friday.  Some years it's too cold at the beginning of May and the tulips haven't yet come out in the first days of the festival.  This year, I think they'll be rich in bloom the whole time. 

I'm paying particular attention to the events this year because Ma and Stan are coming to visit in a couple weekends and we're going to check it out. 

I have my eye on: the Mother's Day Mad Hatter Tea Party in the Byward Market, the Chinatown Arts Festival, and Little Italy's International Pavillion.  We'll see what Ma and Stan are interested in.

Did you plant bulbs last fall?  How are they doing now that spring is here?

- Mary Mary

*This is a Monday feature, highlighting a plant, tree or shrub that stands out for us for any number of reasons!  Could be we’ve planted something new, see new buds on a tree or blossoms on a plant; that we’ve spotted something in a neighbour’s yard or during a walk in the woods.  Link up on Mondays!*

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