Thursday, May 10, 2012

Baby Loftus' Quilts

Miss Greenish Thumb and I made quilts for Baby Loftus aka Uncle Jay Jr. (Cole suggested we name Jay and Michelle's baby "Uncle Jay").

We organized a baby shower for Michelle this past weekend in Toronto.  Only six weeks to go!  Michelle's such a relaxed, fun person... so, of course, her family and friends are too.  We had a great time.

Last Christmas, when Jay and Michelle announced they were expecting, right away Melissa and I started talking about the quilt we would make for Baby Loftus.  When we met up in Peterborough and went to fabricland together, we realized the logistics of making a co-quilt while we live five hours apart might be difficult.  As well, our fabric visions were a bit opposite.  We decided to use a similar design (coin quilts) and make two separate quilts!

Here's the one Melissa made:

It's a rocket theme because Jay's a rocket scientist!

Look at that lovely rocketship.

See Cole and Isaac through the window?  The whole time I was taking these photos, they were arguing over whose mommy I was.  "My Mommy," "No, my Mommy."

Here's the one I made.  It has more of a newborn look, whereas, Melissa's is sort of a fun toddler quilt.

One of the fabrics is trees.


And owls on the back.

We finished them together on Friday night!  The shower was on Saturday!  Phewf! 

- Mary Mary  


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