Sunday, May 13, 2012


Every spring, for a week, and every fall, for one day, Halton has a "Compost Event". They give out free compost in exchange for a small donation to the Partnership West Food Bank. Every household can take up to seven garbage bags worth of compost.

I love this idea because I love free stuff and also I love compost and I love to get dirty. I also love the idea that the good folks of my community may pay more heed to what they are throwing in their municipal compost bin because it might later end up in their garden.

 In preparation for your trek out to the Halton landfill, you need to empty your trunk of strollers and snow brushes etc. Then you need to fill it with some containers of some sort. I use yard waste bags and I line the bottoms with newspaper. You must bring shovels and a bucket is also super helpful.
 You back your car up to a row of compost and set about digging. Most people arrive in pairs. I saw one couple had rented a UHAUL trailer and were just shoveling straight into it.
 I filled each yard waste bag to about half full, then lifted it into the trunk and used the bucket to fill it the rest of the way.
 I can fit five yard waste bags into the trunk of my Mazda 5 (that's without removing the car seats.... I could likely fit another 3 if I took those out and lowered that row of seats). I can also fit a plastic bin of dirt in the front seat.
... and one bucket in the back for good measure.

~Miss Greenish Thumb~

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