Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Harvest Happy: Green Garlic

We've been getting these mysterious creatures in our Farm Share. And the newsletter called them "green garlic" and informed us we could use them anywhere that we'd normally use green onions, but where we'd like a little hit of garlic flavour.

So I threw them into a potato salad. Very delicious!

Upon reading up on them for this post, I discovered they're just immature garlic plants that farmers pull when they're thinning out their crop. Available starting in March!

~Miss Greenish Thumb~

Harvest Happy:

*Sow, tend, eat, repeat.  This Wednesday feature highlights an edible plant we're excited about.  It's a fun way to share what's in season as well as our vegetable gardening journeys.  In addition to our own reaping, posts are about local farmers' market finds, using up random CSA items... and of course, we like to share yummy recipes.  Link up on Wednesdays!

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