Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Harvest Happy - A New Home for Pear Tree

I've been dreaming of having my own pear tree for over a year now.  And with this new flower bed along the fence, finally I had a special spot for a pear tree. All I needed was an actual tree. And I mentioned as much in my last post.

Then lo and behold, a good friend read my post and e-mailed me to say she had a sad pear tree that wasn't being fully appreciated in the shade of a big cherry tree. She said that she imagined the owners who had planted the two knew that cherry trees and pear trees can cross-pollinate and perhaps the pear tree was planted simply to complement the cherry tree. It certainly looked like an after-thought there in the shade of the cherry tree.

Sue provided us with Coke and conversation as sustenance while James and I hacked away at the roots and dug in the dirt for over an hour.  Then we hauled what was left into my van and I drove home with the leaves draped over the passenger seat. (I passed five police cars on the drive home. I wondered if perhaps I would have been better off taking the highway - maybe I could have taken the HOV lane.)

Then I unloaded the pear tree into my wheel barrow and took it to my flower bed.
As I set about to dig the hole for my new asian pear tree, I waved excitedly to my neighbours, who have known for how long I've been wishing for one. 
Belinda came running over excitedly to hear my news. They have been renovating and landscaping like crazy in their front yard for weeks and today they were tired and drenched in sweat from a full day's work. As exhausted as they were though, Ryan didn't hesitate. He grabbed his spade and helped me dig that hole as if it were simply understood.
A pear tree raising.

Thank you Sue and James.
Thank you Ryan.

~Miss Greenish Thumb~

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Melissa said...

Two days later, Cole woke up this morning and asked excitedly, "Can we go outside and pick pears today?!"

Mary said...

Beautiful in every way. From the generosity of your friends to the beauty of those leaves high above your fence. Go fruit go.