Friday, May 25, 2012

My Garden to Yours: Lilipad's Sustainable, Organic Garden

We rented a cottage with friends over the Victoria Day weekend.
Ben, Isaac and I were the first to arrive and were responsible for checking in with the owners.
It turns out they live in a house right next to the cottage they rent out (they must have built it after buying the property).
The first thing Adrian said to us when we met him, wasn't "Where's my money?" or "Here are the keys."
Nope.  He said, "Want to see our pond?" 
Ha ha.

It turns out Adrian and Lise are in their second year of developing a "sustainable, organic garden".

The garden didn't look like our typical backyard gardens.
A whole field was pretty much the "garden" but what stood out was this long, windy trench they had wound its way all through the field.

I knew "organic" meant no pesticides/chemicals used, but I wasn't as clear on the "sustainable" part.
As we spoke, and from what we saw, it seemed what made the garden sustainable was: using lots perennials so they weren't planting many new plants every year (there were lots of fruit trees and herbs/wild edibles but they did add tomatoes and a few other annuals); not much clearing of the land, just shaping it; a built-in irrigation system from the pond and through the trenches; lots of intercropping (thoughtful placement of plants to complement each other); reusing, repurposing, and composting... and probably much more.

They had herbs growing in concrete tubes as well in these wooden step planters.

Such fun.

My interest has been peaked in the past few months for this kind of gardening.  I've heard about something similar from Amy Proulx... she has what she calls a "foraging farm" in her forest. 
I'm out to learn more.

~Mary Mary~

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