Friday, May 11, 2012

My Garden to Yours: Twilight Tour

It was just after eight at night and the sun was setting.  It had rained a lot during the day, so the earth was soft underfoot and smelled a bit like earthworms. When the kids were asleep, I poured myself a glass of white wine, threaded my camera's leash around my wrist like a bracelet and went outside.

I sat on the bench for a few minutes, just admiring the lawns across the road - their deep green colours, the straight lines of a fresh mow, and their dandelion-less-ness. I felt the welcomed chill of night air and watched a few neighbours walk by with their dogs. You can almost set your watch by some of these people, they're such regulars.

This is a beautiful pot we inherited when we bought our house four years ago. And last April (more than a year ago), my son's daycare provider walked to Fortinos with the kids and bought me some beautiful purple mums. I planted them here and they survived the winter and here they are still waiting to bloom.

Four years ago, when I announced that my husband and I had bought a house, one of my colleagues, who was changing her flower gardens from "English style" to a more orderly approach began to dig up her flowers and bring them in for me to transplant into mine.  She warned me that poppies don't transplant well and to get them into the ground right away. I have since discovered that although poppies don't transplant well, once they take root, they really do spread nicely.... even through the fence into my neighbours yard.
Mark and I built this shed when I was six months pregnant with Cole.
In the far left corner of this picture, near the wheelbarrow is a small hydrangea that I planted in memory of Frankie the Fat Cat when she died in 2009.
In the fall, trees went on sale at the Canadian Tire garden centre.  Mark and I picked up this silver olive tree and a japanese maple.
Crazy climbing roses climbing up the trellis on the right. Clematis climbing up the trellis on the left (but you can't see them right now).
Our neighbours had their front yard landscaped and gave me some bleeding hearts. Fran said her Dad gave her these. I think of that every time I see them.
Here's my rain barrel (Dad bought me this one year for my birthday) and my watering cans.  They're sitting ontop of a toy box I bought at a garage sale.  Then I discovered it would slam down and crush my kids' fingers so instead we use it to store stuff outdoors.
Dad bought me this butterfly ornament some years ago.
Just outside our back door, in the patio area, Mark bought me two cedar boxes in which I keep my herbs.  This is great for easy access during cooking.  He'll often hand me a bowl and the scissors and tell me which herbs he needs for a particular dish and out I'll go to fetch them for him.
                                                                       Play zone
This bird bath was also from my dad. The japanese maple was the one I mentioned earlier that we bought at the end of the growing season last year. Growing up around the bird bath you can see iris leaves and spearmint leaves and flowers.
Mark and I built this gate together. It leads from our side yard into our front yard. You can see my magnolia is losing its petals now.

Miss Greenish Thumb

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