Sunday, May 6, 2012

Quenching the Thirst

Today I planted my leek seedlings, my one remaining broccoli seedling, my carrot seeds and my tomato plants.

This is where my evening ritual of watering the plants begins. When it's really warm, I have to diligently go out every evening when the kids are in bed and water my garden. If I'm extremely tired or rushed, I'll use the garden hose. But as my little salute to the Earth that is going to have to take care of my kids after I'm gone, I like to try to use my rain barrel.

So today I hooked up my rain barrel.
I had to climb up the ladder with my screwdriver, spare screws, scissors and string and bits and pieces of extra eaves troughing. The scissors are to cut the string. The string is to tie the wayward piece of tubing to the rose trellis to achor it from the wind. Every year I put off setting up my rain barrel, construing it as an exceptionally time-consuming and onerous task, but it isn't.  Heaving the ladder out of the garage is probably the worst part.
But the whole job took less than a half hour.

I've devised the most efficient way to water the garden using the rain barrel.  You need two big watering cans.  Place one under the open faucet and let it fill as you water with the other.  Then return and rotate watering cans. This works for me because my garden is close to my rain barrel and I now have a rhythm and know how long it takes to fill my watering cans.

Rain barrels are a really cool way to cut down on the cost of watering your garden. Every year in Halton, there are a few selected days when you can buy very inexpensive rain barrels at various locations. If you want more info, click here.

~Miss Greenish Thumb~

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